Cos Ahmet’s work forms a series of body dialogue, or 'body-logues'. Focusing on the principle themes of the body, laced with self, sexuality, and the altered ego, he constructs a discourse between the physical and unconscious body; shaping and shifting the personal element into gestured, sexualized and fragmented anthologies. Ahmet's practice and creative undertakings cannot be defined by a sole discipline, but instead , a combination of practices that include: collage, printmaking, textiles in the form of woven tapestry and the re-introduction of object making, something that has slowly crept back into his new repertoire of works. Though much of his recent projects have been concerned with collage and printmaking, the incorporation of woven tapestry into some of his pieces as a ‘base’, has afforded Ahmet the chance to work on what he describes as the ‘borderline’, a place where attempts can be made to create a point of juncture, suturing the varying media he employs. Some of his works hint at the central paradox of this concept, with the applied technique making up the tangible mass of the figure; the physical ‘counterpart’ of the shadow, a tying of the unconscious body whilst maintaining a critical instability.

Born London, UK. Lives and works in London

2006 Printmaking for Artists, Kensington & Chelsea College, London
1999 Postgraduate Public Art & Management, Barnet College, London
1996 BA Hons Constructed Textiles, Middlesex University, London

One-Man Shows
2015 One-Man, Details to follow (Forthcoming)
2011 Self Seeing, The Stone Space, London
2010 Bodylogues, Lauderdale House, London
2008 My Shadow Sits & Waits for Me, Waterloo Gallery, London
2007 Life Force, First One-Man Exhibition, Waterloo Gallery, London

Selected Group Shows

Yuck 'n Yum Winter Issue Launch: Hannah Maclure Centre, Dundee
A Sensitive Art: British Tapestry Group, Quilt Museum & Gallery, York
Yuck 'n Yum Autumn Issue Launch: Generator Projects, Dundee
Hot One Hundred, Group Exhibition: Schwartz Gallery, London
Summer Exhibition: Zeitgeist Arts Project, ASC Studios, London
Yuck 'n Yum Summer Launch & Exhibition: The Arches, Glasgow
Punk Salon: Group Exhibition: Schwartz Gallery, London
Creekside Open 2013 Selected by Paul Noble: A.P.T Gallery, London
TEN. 2, Group Show: Cultivate, Vyner Street, London
The Wing Assignment Final Flight: William Road Gallery, London
The Wing Assignment Wing Asylum: Asylum, The Chapel, London
Yuck 'n Yum Spring Issue Launch: Empire State, Dundee
Share & Exchange: Zeitgeist Arts Project, ASC Studios, London

Question. Reaction. Examination. Reaction: Alfred Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
De-Construct/Re-Construct/We-Construct: Arbeit Gallery, London
Artists' Books: Dundee Contemporary Arts, Dundee, Scotland
Wandering Rocks, Curated by Stephen Snoddy: The Stone Space, London
28 Drawings Later: The Old Hairdresser's, Glasgow, Scotland
The Wing Assignment: Red Bull Studios, London
Figure/Form/Self: Norlington Road Studios, London
Rejected: A-Side B-Side Gallery, London
Fool's Gold: Cultivate, Vyner Street, London
It is Green: Cultivate, Vyner Street, London
Three x Three: Cultivate, Vyner Street, London
Group Exhibition: Tricycle Gallery, London

Art is for Life... Cultivate, Vyner Street, London
Art & Mind: Norlington Road Studios, London
Printmakers Council: Highgate Gallery, London
Group Exhibition: The Royal Opera Arcade Gallery , London
Drawing Crowds: The Stone Space, London
Altered State: Norlington Road Studios, London
Untitled: Vyner Street Gallery, London
Roofraiser: Various Venues, Edinburgh, Scotland
Woven Threads: Orleans House Gallery, Twickenham
International Postcard Show: Surface Gallery, Nottingham
Drawing With Thread: Shire Hall Gallery, Stafford
Group Exhibition: Tricycle Gallery, London
Printmakers Council: Acquire Gallery, London
Printmakers Council: The M.P Birla Gallery, London

100sqft New Orleans: Arts After Dark Studios, New Orleans, US
100sqft London: Old Cholmeley Boy's Club, London
NEON Arts Festival: Guerilla Gallery, Dundee, Scotland
6by4 Secret Postcard: Art Space Portsmouth, Portsmouth
The Printmakers Council, Out of Print: SHP Arts, Berkshire
Holding Time: The M.P. Birla Gallery, London

Weaving Within: Smith Art Gallery & Stirling Castle, Stirling, Scotland
Drench/Absorb: Oblong Gallery, London
In The House: Lauderdale House, London

Awards • Residencies • Projects

2013 Artist in Residence: Cover Artist for Yuck 'n Yum Magazine, Dundee
2012 Artist in Residence: Love Letter Project, Keats House Museum, London,
2009 Award of One-Man Exhibition: Lauderdale House, London
2006 Kensington & Chelsea College Printmaking for Artists Prize
1999 The Colosseum Project: 'Underworld'. The House of Detention, London
1999 Created Space Project: Curated by Heather Barnett, Atrium Gallery, London
1998 Under My Skin: Performance/Textile collaboration with mime & mask artist Eric G. Lefrandt
1995 Award of Commendation, Finalist for Simon Jersey Tapestry Award


MM1 Project: Question. Reaction. Examination. Reaction. Exhibition Catalogue
MM1 Project: De-Construct/Re-Construct/We-Construct Exhibition Catalogue
Creekside Open 2013 Selected by Paul Noble, Exhibition Catalogue
Feature Article: 'The State of Being Erased' Måg issue 3
Cover Artist Feature: Yuck n' Yum, Winter Issue 2013
Cover Artist Feature: Yuck n' Yum, Autumn Issue 2013
Cover Artist Feature: Yuck n' Yum, Summer Issue 2013
Cover Artist Feature: Yuck 'n Yum, Spring Issue 2013
Keats Anthology 2012, London Metropolitan Archive
Stitching Pictures, Bloomsbury Publishing, London
The Wing Assignment Exhibition Book
Do Not Open Magazine, Issue 2
Roofraiser: Exhibition Catalogue
Woven Threads, Exhibition Catalogue
Weaving Within, Exhibition Catalogue
Drawing Crowds Exhibition Catalogue
Yuck 'n Yum, Winter Issue 2012
Yuck 'n Yum, Autumn Issue 2011
Yuck 'n Yum, Spring Issue 2011
Yuck 'n Yum, Winter Issue 2010
Holding Time: Exhibition Catalogue
100qsft 5: Exhibition Catalogue

Press & Reviews
2012 De-Construct/Re-Construct/We-Construct Exhibition: The New Wolf Review
2012 De-Construct/Re-Construct/We-Construct Exhibition: a-n Interface Review
2011 Feature Article: 'The State of Being Erased' Måg issue 3
2011 Self Seeing One-Man Show: Rise Art Magazine
2011 Drawing With Thread: Review: 'Sew Fantastic', Staffordshire Life
2010 Saatchi Top 10 Chosen by Rebecca Wilson: Saatchi Magazine
2010 Bodylogues One-Man Show: Arts & Cultural Journal Review
2010 Bodylogues One-Man Show: GT Magazine Feature
2009 Play To Win Article: by Stephen Palmer a-n Magazine September
2009 Weave Within Exhibition Article: Crafts Magazine:
2008 My Shadow Sits and Waits for Me: a-n Interface Review
2007 Life Force (First One-Man) a-n Interface Review
2007 Life Force (First One-Man) a-n Interface Review

Harwood Bauhofer Apex (UK), Art Beat Public Art (UK)
Other private collections in the UK, America, Greece, Israel & The Netherlands