My practice is made up of a combination of disciplines that include: textiles, in the form of woven tapestry, collage, printmaking and a return to object making. Hints and references to the body are evident in the way I shape my work, be it object based, two-dimensional or something in between. I use woven tapestry technique like a tool or vehicle for creating, to harness a new narrative in my exploration of self, through the confines of the human form.

Recent works exploited the physical or immediate body, shown in a recognisable representation. Current works have reverted to the organic and abstracted presentation, referring to the suggested body and making subtle references. Their organic quality transpires through texture, surface, layers and shaping, commenting on the complex nature of ‘self’ in an abstracted manner. Images of the brain or internal organs, together with magnified layers of skin are conjured up.

These ‘organic systems’ communicate a different type of ‘body dialogue’, and stand as a metaphor, representing the body through: ‘thread as the thought’, ‘warp as the skeleton’, ‘weft as flesh or skin’, and ‘weave’ as the soul. These ‘gestures’ take on their own symbolism and appearance, but are implicit presences, traces or imprints of identity and self.

By using traditional mediums typically associated with the 'decorative' and 'practical' as opposed to the 'conceptual' or 'political', I implement my knowledge of weaving, tapestry and other textile-based techniques, onto materials such as paper, printmaking and forms of drawing borrowed, appropriated and used from different disciplines, whilst exploring contemporary themes of sexuality, identity and the altered-ego.


Born London, 1973. Lives / works in London.

Awards / Education
2016 ___Weavers Bazaar Sponsorship Award, for 2016 Knit & Stitch Shows, London, Dublin, Harrogate
2015 ___Finalist, Kate Derum Award for Small Tapestries, Australian Tapestry Workshop, Melbourne
2015 ___Weavers Bazaar Sponsorship Award, for Artist-In-Residence, FABRIC, Manchester
2009 ___Award of One-Man Exhibition, Lauderdale House & Gallery, London
1995 ___Award of Commendation for the Simon Jersey Tapestry Award, London
1996 ___BA Hons Constructed Textiles, Middlesex University, London
1993 ___Foundation Diploma Art & Design, Barnet College, London

One-Man Exhibitions
2016 ___Forthcoming: New work: Knit & Stitch Shows, London, Dublin & Harrogate
2015 ___When Cotton Was King: Artist-In-Residence, FABRIC, Manchester
2011 ___Self Seeing, The Stone Space, London
2010 ___Bodylogues, Lauderdale House & Gallery, London
2008 ___My Shadow Sits & Waits for Me, Waterloo Gallery, London
2007 ___Life Force, Waterloo Gallery, London

Selected Group Exhibitions

2017 ___Forthcoming: le sort, le destin et l’auto-détermination, San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles, California (touring)
2016 ___Forthcoming: Exhibition of new work: Knit & Stitch Shows, London, Dublin & Harrogate
2016 ___Forthcoming: le sort, le destin et l’auto-détermination, Craft Council of British Columbia, Canada (touring)
2015 ___le sort, le destin et l’auto-détermination, Doyle & Margaret Hartman Gallery, Denver, Colorado (touring)
2015 ___Kate Derum Award & Exhibition: Australian Tapestry Workshop, Melbourne, Australia
2015 ___Heallreaf: Curated by Margaret Jones, The Edward James Studios, West Dean College, Chichester
2015 ___le sort, le destin et l’auto-détermination, Centre des Textiles Contemporains de Montréal, Canada (touring)
2015 ___British Tapestry Group: The London Group Show, Handweaver's Studio & Gallery, London
2014 ___PLAN.OPEN. Neo Craft, Curated by Nimrod Vardi & Caroline Jane Harris, Arebyte // Arbeit, London
2014 ___le sort, le destin et l’auto-détermination, Curated by Janna Hiemstra, Craft Ontario, Toronto, Canada (touring)
2014 ___British Tapestry Group: Woven Art 14, Part 2, Curated by Hillu Liebelt, Harrogate International Centre
2014 ___British Tapestry Group: Woven Art 14, Part 1, Curated by Hillu Liebelt, Alexandra Palace, London
2013 ___British Tapestry Group: A Sensitive Art, Quilt Museum & Gallery, York
2013 ___Hot One Hundred, Curated by Ismail Erbil & Patrick Michalopoulos, Schwartz Gallery, London
2013 ___Summer Exhibition, Zeitgeist Arts Project, London
2013 ___Punk Salon, Curated by Ismail Erbil & Patrick Michalopoulos, Schwartz Gallery, London.
2013 ___Creekside Open, selected by Paul Noble, A.P.T Gallery, London
2013 ___TEN: 2, Group Show: Cultivate, Vyner Street, London
2013 ___The Wing Assignment: Final Flight, William Road Gallery, London
2013 ___The Wing Assignment: Wing Asylum, Asylum, The Chapel, London
2013 ___Share & Exchange, Zeitgeist Arts Project, London
2012 ___Question. Reaction. Examination. Reaction, Curated by Sharon Toval & Nimrod Vardi, Alfred Gallery, Tel Aviv
2012 ___De-Construct/Re-Construct/We-Construct, Curated by Sharon Toval & Nimrod Vardi, Arebyte // Arbeit, London
2012 ___Artists' Books: Book Week Scotland, Dundee Contemporary Arts, Dundee
2012 ___Wandering Rocks, Curated by Stephen Snoddy, The Stone Space, London
2012 ___The Wing Assignment, Red Bull Studios, London
2012 ___Figure/Form/Self, Part of Leytonstone Arts Trail, Norlington Road Studios, London
2012 ___Rejected, A-Side B-Side Gallery, London
2012 ___Fool's Gold, Cultivate, Vyner Street, London
2012 ___Three x Three, Cultivate, Vyner Street, London
2011 ___Art is for Life..., Cultivate, Vyner Street, London
2011 ___Printmakers Council: Group Show, Highgate Gallery, London
2011 ___Drawing Crowds, The Stone Space, London
2011 ___Altered State, Part of Leytonstone Arts Trail, Norlington Road Studios, London
2011 ___Printmakers Council: Untitled, Vyner Street Gallery, London
2011 ___Roofraiser // Ten Tracks Event, Various Venues, Edinburgh
2011 ___British Tapestry Group: Woven Threads, Orleans House & Gallery, Richmond, London
2011 ___International Postcard Show, Surface Gallery, Nottingham
2011 ___Drawing With Thread, Shire Hall Gallery, Stafford
2011 ___Printmakers Council: Group Show, The M.P Birla Gallery, London
2010 ___100sqft 5 New Orleans, Arts After Dark Studios, New Orleans
2010 ___100sqft 5 London, Old Cholmeley Boy's Club, London
2010 ___6by4 Secret Postcard Show, Art Space, Portsmouth
2010 ___The Printmakers Council: Out of Print, South Hill Park Arts, Berkshire
2010 ___Holding Time, Curated by Darshana Vora, The M.P. Birla Gallery, London
2009 ___British Tapestry Group: Weaving Within, Stirling Castle & Smith Art Gallery, Stirling
2009 ___Drench/Absorb, Curated by Amelia Francis and Simone Wallace, Oblong Gallery, London

Residencies / Projects

2015 ___FABRIC Residency: Artist-in-Residence, Manchester
2014 ___le sort, le destin et l’auto-détermination: Ongoing & Touring Tapestry Project
2013 ___Cover Artist in Residence: Cover Artist for Yuck 'n Yum Magazine, Dundee
2012 ___The Wing Assignment: Various Venues. Curated by &Agency, London
2012 ___MM1 British-Israeli Project, Arebyte // Arbeit, London & Alfred Gallery, Tel Aviv
2012 ___Artists Books: Book Week Scotland with Yuck 'n Yum, Dundee Contemporary Arts
2012 ___Artist in Residence: Keats House Museum, London Metropolitan Archive

Publications / Reviews / Text

2015 ___Kate Derum Award & Exhibition Catalogue
2015 ___DACS Interview: Cos Ahmet on Payback
2015 ___Heallreaf Exhibition Catalogue
2015 ___Returning to the Material Object: Tapestry Weaver Issue 16
2015 ___Art as Archaeology: Gnome Magazine | Bezalel7 Image Room
2015 ___The Plinth in Art: Gnome Magazine | Bezalel7 Image Room
2014 ___In Discussion with artist & curator Jane Boyer | Point + Line
2013 ___Yuck 'n Yum Collective: Cover Artist in Residence: Issues 21 - 24
2012 ___Question.Reaction.Examination.Reaction. MM1 Project Exhibition
2012 ___De-Construct/Re-Construct/We-Construct: The New Wolf Review
2012 ___De-Construct/Re-Construct/We-Construct: a-n Interface Review
2012 ___MM1 Collaborative Project Part 2 Exhibition Catalogue
2012 ___MM1 Collaborative Project Part 1 Exhibition Catalogue
2012 ___Keats Anthology: London Metropolitan Archive
2012 ___Stitching Pictures: Bloomsbury Publishing, London
2012 ___The Wing Assignment Exhibition Book
2012 ___Do Not Open Publication Issue 02
2011 ___The State of Being Erased: Måg Magazine, Issue 03
2011 ___Roofraiser // Ten Tracks Exhibition Catalogue
2011 ___Drawing With Thread: Staffordshire Life Exhibition Review
2011 ___Drawing Crowds Exhibition Catalogue
2010 ___Holding Time Exhibition Catalogue
2010 ___Curator, Rebecca Wilson's Saatchi Top Ten: Saatchi Magazine
2010 ___Bodylogues One-Man Exhibition: GT Magazine Feature
2009 ___Playing To Win Article: a-n Magazine September
2008 ___My Shadow Sits and Waits for Me: a-n Interface Review
2007 ___Life Force (First One-Man) a-n Interface Review
2007 ___Life Force (First One-Man) a-n Interface Review

Work in Collection
Harwood Bauhofer Apex (UK), Art Beat Public Art (UK)
Other private collections in the UK, America, Greece, Israel & The Netherlands