Lives / works in London.
BA Constructed Textiles. Specialising in Textile Art / Woven Tapestry

One-Man Exhibitions
2011 ___Self Seeing, The Stone Space, London
2010 ___Bodylogues, Lauderdale House & Gallery, London
2008 ___My Shadow Sits & Waits for Me, Waterloo Gallery, London
2007 ___Life Force, First One-Man Exhibition, Waterloo Gallery, London

Selected Group Exhibitions

2015 ___le sort, le destin et l’auto-détermination, Centre des Textiles Contemporains de Montréal, Canada (touring)
2015 ___British Tapestry Group, The London Group Show, Handweaver's Studio & Gallery, London
2014 ___PLAN.OPEN. Neo Craft, Curated by Nimrod Vardi & Caroline Jane Harris, Arebyte // Arbeit, London
2014 ___le sort, le destin et l’auto-détermination, Curated by Janna Hiemstra, Craft Ontario, Canada (touring)
2014 ___Woven Art 14, Part 2, Curated by Hillu Liebelt, Harrogate International Centre
2014 ___Woven Art 14, Part 1, Curated by Hillu Liebelt, Alexandra Palace, London
2013 ___A Sensitive Art, Quilt Museum & Gallery, York
2013 ___Hot One Hundred, Schwartz Gallery, London
2013 ___Summer Exhibition, Zeitgeist Arts Project, London
2013 ___Punk Salon, Schwartz Gallery, London.
2013 ___Creekside Open, selected by Paul Noble, A.P.T Gallery, London
2013 ___TEN: 2, Group Show: Cultivate, Vyner Street, London
2013 ___The Wing Assignment Final Flight, William Road Gallery, London
2013 ___The Wing Assignment Wing Asylum,Asylum, The Chapel, London
2013 ___Share & Exchange, Zeitgeist Arts Project, London
2012 ___Question. Reaction. Examination. Reaction, Curated by Sharon Toval & Nimrod Vardi, Alfred Gallery, Tel Aviv
2012 ___De-Construct/Re-Construct/We-Construct, Curated by Sharon Toval & Nimrod Vardi, Arebyte // Arbeit, London
2012 ___Artists' Books / Book Week Scotland, Dundee Contemporary Arts, Dundee
2012 ___Wandering Rocks, Curated by Stephen Snoddy, The Stone Space, London
2012 ___The Wing Assignment, Red Bull Studios, London
2012 ___Figure/Form/Self, Norlington Road Studios, London
2012 ___Rejected, A-Side B-Side Gallery, London
2012 ___Fool's Gold, Cultivate, Vyner Street, London
2012 ___Three x Three, Cultivate, Vyner Street, London
2011 ___Art is for Life... Cultivate, Vyner Street, London
2011 ___Art & Mind, Norlington Road Studios, London
2011 ___Printmakers Council, Highgate Gallery, London
2011 ___Drawing Crowds, The Stone Space, London
2011 ___Altered State, Norlington Road Studios, London
2011 ___Untitled, Printmakers Council, Vyner Street Gallery, London
2011 ___Roofraiser // Ten Tracks Event, Various Venues, Edinburgh
2011 ___Woven Threads, Orleans House Gallery, Richmond, London
2011 ___International Postcard Show, Surface Gallery, Nottingham
2011 ___Drawing With Thread, Shire Hall Gallery, Stafford
2011 ___Printmakers Council, The M.P Birla Gallery, London
2010 ___100sqft New Orleans, Arts After Dark Studios, New Orleans
2010 ___100sqft London, Old Cholmeley Boy's Club, London
2010 ___NEON Arts Festival, Guerilla Gallery, Dundee
2010 ___6by4 Secret Postcard Show, Art Space, Portsmouth
2010 ___The Printmakers Council, Out of Print, South Hill Arts, Berkshire
2010 ___Holding Time, The M.P. Birla Gallery, London
2009 ___Weaving Within, Stirling Castle & Smith Art Gallery, Stirling
2009 ___Drench/Absorb, Oblong Gallery, London

Residencies / Projects / Awards

2013 ___Artist in Residence: Cover Artist for Yuck 'n Yum Magazine, Dundee
2012 ___Artist in Residence: Love Letter Project, Keats House Museum, London
2012 ___MM1 British-Israeli Project, Arebyte // Arbeit, London & Alfred Gallery, Tel Aviv
2009 ___Award of One-Man Exhibition: Lauderdale House & Gallery, London

Selected Text

2015___Cos Ahmet | About the artist & his practice
2015___The Plinth in Art, Gnome | Bezalel 7 Gallery
2014___In Discussion with curator & artist Jane Boyer
2012___Dundee Contemporary Arts: Book Week Scotland
2012___Question.Reaction.Examination.Reaction. Exhibition
2012___De-Construct/Re-Construct/We-Construct, review by Anna McNay
2012___De-Construct/Re-Construct/We-Construct, review by Rebecca Shyles
2011___The State of Being Erased, feature article, Måg Magazine, Issue 3

Selected Press / Reviews / Publications

2015 ___The Plinth in Art article, GNOME | Bezalel 7, Israel
2013 ___Yuck 'n Yum Cover Artist Feature Issues, #21 - #24
2012 ___De-Construct/Re-Construct/We-Construct, The New Wolf Review
2012 ___De-Construct/Re-Construct/We-Construct, a-n Interface Review
2012 ___MM1 Collaborative Project Part 2, Exhibition Catalogue
2012 ___MM1 Collaborative Project Part 1, Exhibition Catalogue
2012 ___Keats Anthology, London Metropolitan Archive
2012 ___Stitching Pictures, Bloomsbury Publishing, London
2012 ___The Wing Assignment, Exhibition Book
2012 ___Do Not Open Publication, Issue 02
2011 ___Art is for Life..., Think-Work-Play Magazine
2011 ___Drawing With Thread, Exhibition Review, Staffordshire Life
2011 ___The State of Being Erased, article, Måg Magazine, Issue 03
2011 ___Roofraiser // Ten Tracks, Exhibition Catalogue
2011 ___Drawing Crowds Exhibition Catalogue
2010 ___Rebecca Wilson's Saatchi Top Ten, Saatchi Magazine
2010 ___Holding Time Exhibition Catalogue
2010 ___Bodylogues One-Man Review, Arts & Cultural Journal
2010 ___Bodylogues One-Man Show Feature, GT Magazine
2009 ___Play To Win Article, a-n Magazine September
2008 ___My Shadow Sits and Waits for Me, a-n Interface Review
2007 ___Life Force (First One-Man), a-n Interface Review
2007 ___Life Force (First One-Man), a-n Interface Review

Harwood Bauhofer Apex (UK), Art Beat Public Art (UK)
Other private collections in the UK, America, Greece, Israel & The Netherlands