Photo of the artist during his artist residency with FABRIC in Manchester, 2015. Courtesy John Lynch

The core of Cos Ahmet’s work is centred around the body, and more specifically, his own. Recurring themes of self, identity, sexuality, gender and memory, are emotive features in much of his work, displayed as a complex set of body dialogues. Shaped by his use of metaphors, the body becomes symbolised through various interlinks – points of juncture, where body and material respond or react with each other. These responses come to light in the diverse processes and characteristics of his practice, that range from woven tapestry, works on paper, to sculpture and objects, as he makes loose connections with their attributes to represent parts of the human form.

Ahmet’s approach to making, takes the traditional and practical methods of weaving, and combines the other disciplines in his practice to turn this quiet and meditative medium, typically associated with the domestic, and the subtlety of a craft usually reserved for intimate, detailed work, into challenging, visceral and thought provoking works.