The artist working during his artist-in-residence post with Fabric Residency, in Manchester, 2015. Photograph: John Lynch, © 2015

The core of Cos Ahmet’s work is centred around the body, and more specifically, his own. Recurring themes of self, identity, sexuality and memory, are emotive features in much of his work, displayed as a complex set of body dialogues. Cos haunts his works and the places his works inhabit, with ghostly repeating features such as casts of hands, and the mask cast from the artist's own face, something that have become constant companions appearing throughout his work.

Shaped by his use of metaphors, the body becomes symbolised through various interlinks – these points of juncture, where body and material respond or react with each other. These responses come to light in the diverse processes and characteristics of his practice, that range from woven tapestry, works on paper, to sculpture and objects, as he makes loose connections with their attributes to represent parts of the human form.

"My interest in using the textile medium as a form of exploration into self & body, uses traditional methods to discern a metaphor, representing these as: thread as thought, warp as skeleton, weft as flesh or skin, & weave as body. I implement my knowledge of weaving, tapestry and other textile techniques, onto materials such as paper, printed matter, found and appropriated imagery, whilst exploring these recurring themes and motifs, tying them into my own projections, but also inserting my identity into other methods and disciplines that occupy my practice, hinting at my textile background, contributing to my ongoing dialogue. "


Born in London, 1973
Currently lives and work in the North West of England


2006 ___Printmaking For Artists, Kensington & Chelsea College, London
1996 ___BA Hons Constructed Textiles, Middlesex University, London
1993 ___Foundation Diploma Art & Design, Barnet College, London


2018 ___AIR Gallery Fe/Male Exhibition, AIR Gallery Award for High Commendation
2017 ___Arts Council England, New work & book for One-Man Exhibition Points of Juncture
2016 ___Theo Moorman Trust For Weavers Award, New body of work, Thread Is A Thought
2015 ___Kate Derum Award for Small Tapestries, Finalist, Australian Tapestry Workshop
2012 ___London Metropolitan Archive Bursary, Keats House Museum Artist in Residence
2009 ___Lauderdale House & Gallery, One-Man Exhibition Award, Bodylogues, London
2006 ___Kensington & Chelsea College Award for High Achievement in Printmaking
1995 ___Simon Jersey Tapestry Award, Finalist, Award for High Commendation

Projects / Residencies

2017 ___The Lost Diagrams of Walter Benjamin, by Helen Clarke & Sharon Kivland
2015 ___Artist in Residence with Fabric Residency, Ardwick Mill, Manchester
2013 ___Cover Artist in Residence for Yuck 'n Yum Magazine, Dundee
2012 ___Artists' Books | Book Week Scotland, Dundee Contemporary Arts
2012 ___MM1 Project: Part Two, Tel-Aviv, Curators, Sharon Toval & Nimrod Vardi
2012 ___MM1 Project: Part One, London, Curators, Sharon Toval & Nimrod Vardi
2012 ___The Wing Assignment, Project & Exhibitions curated by Nina Farrell
2012 ___Artist in Residence Keats House Museum, London Metropolitan Archive

One-Man Exhibitions

2017 ___Points of Juncture: An Exhibition by Cos Ahmet, Forty Hall Estate, London
2016 ___Thread Is A Thought, Various touring venues, London, Dublin, Harrogate
2015 ___When Cotton Was King, Fabric Residency, Ardwick Mill, Manchester
2011 ___Self Seeing, The Stone Space, Leytonstone, London
2010 ___Bodylogues, Lauderdale House, Highgate, London
2008 ___My Shadow Sits & Waits for Me, Waterloo Gallery, London
2007 ___Life Force, Waterloo Gallery, London

Selected Group Exhibitions

2018 ___Chromophobia, Sloe Gallery, Mirabel Studios, Manchester
2018 ___Liverpool Art Fair 2018, part of the Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool
2018 ___Yuck 'n Yum Compendium Launch, SOIL Gallery, Seattle, US
2018 ___Yuck 'n Yum Compendium Launch, Generator Projects, Dundee, Scotland
2018 ___International Woven Tapestry Project (touring), Tuch+Technik Textilmuseum, Germany
2018 ___Fe/Male: An Exhibition about Gender, AIR Gallery, The Warehouse, Altrincham, Chesire
2018 ___International Woven Tapestry Project (touring), Tuchmacher Museum, Germany
2017 ___MISS READ Art Book Festival, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Germany
2017 ___Heallreaf 2 (touring), curated by Margaret Jones, The Brick Lane Gallery, London
2017 ___Small World, PS Mirabel Gallery, Part of Manifest Arts Festival, Manchester
2017 ___Heallreaf 2 (touring), curated by Margaret Jones, The Edward James Studios, West Dean College
2016 ___International Woven Tapestry Project (touring), part of From Lausanne to Beijing. Guan Shan Yue Art Museum, China
2016 ___Crafts Council Directory Makers at London Design Fair, British Craft Pavilion, London
2016 ___Crafts Council Directory Makers at Design Days Dubai, The Venue, Dubai
2015 ___Kate Derum Award & Exhibition, Australian Tapestry Workshop, Melbourne, Australia
2015 ___International Woven Tapestry Project (touring), Doyle & Margaret Hartman Gallery, Denver, US
2015 ___Heallreaf, The Edward James Studios, West Dean College, Chichester
2014 ___PLAN.OPEN. Neo Craft, Curators Nimrod Vardi, Caroline Jane Harris, Arebyte, London
2014 ___International Woven Tapestry Project (touring), Craft Ontario, Canada
2013 ___Hot One Hundred, Curators Ismail Erbil & Patrick Michalopoulos, Schwartz Gallery, London
2013 ___Punk Salon, Curators Ismail Erbil & Patrick Michalopoulos, Schwartz Gallery, London
2013 ___Creekside Open 2013, selected & curated by Paul Noble, A.P.T Gallery, London
2013 ___The Wing Assignment: Final Flight, William Road Gallery, London
2013 ___The Wing Assignment: Wing Asylum, The Asylum Chapel, London
2012 ___MM1 Project: Question.Reaction.Examination.Reaction, Alfred Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2012 ___MM1 Project: De-Construct/Re-Construct/We-Construct, Arbeit Gallery, London
2012 ___Artists' Books, Book Week Scotland, Dundee Contemporary Arts, Dundee
2012 ___Wandering Rocks, Curated by Stephen Snoddy, The Stone Space, London
2012 ___The Wing Assignment: First Flight, Red Bull Studios Gallery, London
2012 ___Three x Three, Curated by Sean Worrall, Cultivate, Vyner Street, London
2011 ___Drawing Crowds, An Exhibition of Exploratory Drawing, The Stone Space, London
2011 ___Printmakers Council, Untitled, Vyner Street Gallery, London
2011 ___Roofraiser // Ten Tracks Event, Various Venues, Edinburgh
2011 ___Drawing With Thread, Curated by Kim Gould, Shire Hall Gallery, Stafford
2010 ___Out of Print, curated by Outi Remes & Printmakers Council, South Hill Park, Berkshire
2010 ___Holding Time, Curated by Darshana Vora, The M.P. Birla Gallery, London
2009 ___Weaving Within, Stirling Castle and The Smith Art Gallery & Museum, Stirling, Scotland
2009 ___Drench/Absorb, Curated by Amelia Francis & Simone Wallace, Oblong Gallery, London

Interviews / Reviews / Text

2018 ___Building Legacies: A Hand In Creating Essay by Cos Ahmet
2018 ___A Tender Concern for Past & Present Essay by Liz Cooper
2018 ___Inspirational Issue 17 Review & Interview by John Hopper
2017 ___Textile Artist, Feature From Conception to Creation
2017 ___Textile Curator Artist Feature & Interview by Helen Adams
2017 ___Cos talks about the making process Crafts Council Interview
2018 ___Inspirational Issue 15 Interview by John Hopper
2016 ___Textile Artist Interview Something made by Hand
2016 ___Thoughts On Thread Essay by Nigel St. Clair Morgan
2016 ___The Innate Tendencies of the Human Body Written by John Hopper
2015 ___Design & Artists Copyright Society talk to Cos Ahmet DACS interview
2015 ___Art as Archaeology, by Cos Ahmet for Bezalel7 Image Room
2015 ___The Plinth in Art, by Cos Ahmet for Bezalel7 Image Room
2014 ___In Discussion with artist & curator Jane Boyer Point + Line Platform
2012 ___MM1 British-Israeli Collaboration: The project and exhibitions
2012 ___MM1: De-Construct/Re-Construct/We-Construct The New Wolf Review
2012 ___MM1: De-Construct/Re-Construct/We-Construct a-n Interface Review
2011 ___Drawing With Thread, Staffordshire Life Magazine, Exhibition Review

Publications & Catalogues

2018 ___Points of Juncture: An Exhibition by Cos Ahmet, Forty Hall Estate Publishing
2018 ___The Yuck 'n Yum Compendium, Yuck 'n Yum Publishing
2017 ___The Lost Diagrams of Walter Benjamin Ma Bibliothèque Publishing
2017 ___Heallreaf 2, International Woven Tapestry Exhibition Catalogue
2017 ___The Journal for Weavers, Spinner & Dyers, Issue 263
2016 ___Thread Is A Thought Exhibition Catalogue, Blurb Books UK
2015 ___Kate Derum Award For Small Tapestries Exhibition Catalogue
2015 ___Heallreaf, International Woven Tapestry Exhibition Catalogue
2013 ___Creekside Open 2013, selected by Paul Noble, Exhibition Catalogue
2013 ___Cover Artist in Residence, Issues 21 - 24 Yuck 'n Yum Magazine
2013 ___Keats Anthology, Keats House Museum, London Metropolitan Archive Publishing
2012 ___MM1: Question.Reaction.Examination.Reaction. Exhibition Catalogue
2012 ___MM1: De-Construct/Re-Construct/We-Construct Exhibition Catalogue
2012 ___Stitching Pictures, A&C Black Books Bloomsbury Publishing
2012 ___The Wing Assignment, Exhibition Book, published by &Agency
2011 ___NABROAD / Måg Magazine Feature Måg | Issue Three
2011 ___Roofraiser // Ten Tracks Exhibition Catalogue
2011 ___Drawing Crowds, An Exhibition of Exploratory Drawing, Exhibition Catalogue
2010 ___Holding Time, curated by Darshana Vora Exhibition Catalogue
2010 ___Bodylogues Exhibition, Artist feature, Gay Times Magazine
2009 ___Artist Feature, a-n Magazine September Issue

Harwood Bauhofer Apex Collection (UK)
Wellhouse Trust Arts Projects (UK)
ArtBeat Public Art Collection (UK)
Private Collections in the UK, America, Greece, Israel & The Netherlands

For a full CV, please contact the artist info@cos-ahmet.co.uk