Theo Moorman Trust for Weavers Award 2016

In 2016, I received the The Theo Moorman Trust for Weavers Award, to develop and produce a new body of work, to be exhibited in the same year during K&S Shows hosted by Twisted Thread & Upper Street Event.

The award has given me the opportunity to develop my craft and my practice as an artist. I often combine different disciplines within my work, so this bursary has enabled me to go further than I have previously to produce larger works that embrace the sculptural qualities and the woven elements that I wanted to explore but never had the funding to put the ideas into practice.

Thread Is A Thought is a new body of work that explores how ‘body’ and ‘material’ react with each other. These reactions stood as a metaphor, taking the characteristics of my practice and making loose connections with their attributes to represent parts of the human form as: ‘thread' as the thought, ‘warp' as the skeleton, ‘weft' as flesh or skin, and the ‘weave’ as the body. See the work produced for Thread Is A Thought

About the Trust
The Theo Moorman Trust for Weavers has been in existence since 1990 and aims to be a valuable resource for both young and experienced weavers. The Trustees want to ensure that the grants that are made enable individual weavers to maintain a high standard of work, and through this, to promote weaving as an art form. Often a small grant can make all the difference at a key stage of development, by allowing time to think through ideas, train in a particular technique, or through the provision of a physical space or equipment. Short-listed applicants are interviewed, so that they can talk through their work in detail with Trustees. Full details of the application process can be found on the grants page.

About Theo Moorman
The Trust was established in 1985 by Theo Moorman MBE (1907-1990) and came into operation on her death. Theo herself gained a degree of financial independence in the early fifties which gave her the chance to spend a year experimenting in the production of richly textured fabrics and brocades. It is perhaps this experience, combined with her generosity to younger weavers, that led her to establish the Trust.

Patron - Bobbie Cox; Trustees - Jacy Wall, Sue Hiley Harris, Alison Morton

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