Points of Juncture: An Exhibition by Cos Ahmet
Published by Forty Hall Estate

This publication celebrates the exhibition's connections with the artist, the works that inhabited Forty Hall, and the legacy left behind by its former owner and creator Sir Nicholas Rainton.

To compliment the installations from the exhibition, this book contains texts and essays written by Hatice Abdullah (Forty Hall Estate), Liz Cooper (Independent Curator), and Cos Ahmet (The Artist). This project, exhibition and publication, would not have been possible without the generous support of Arts Council England.

Background to the exhibition

‘Points of Juncture’ comprises recent works, and specially commissioned pieces that draw inspiration from Forty Hall’s textile history. The title ‘Points of Juncture’ stands for the thread of ideas and the connections of the works that are presented in this exhibition. They link both the artist's work, with the ‘material identity’ of Forty Hall – a place built upon a textile legacy, by its former owner, Sir Nicholas Rainton who traded textiles across Europe in the 17th century.

‘Building a Legacy’ (2017) makes particular reference to Rainton’s role as a mercer, through a series of casts of hands upon which spools or pirns of yarns rest. These casts symbolise the hands in various ways: the hands that make the cloth (the weaver) and the hands of the creator; they also allude to the ships that imported the fabrics (the mercer), whilst the spools and the threads attached to them, suggest the weaving process, and the ‘boat shuttles’ used on the looms to produce the cloth.

“My starting point for the new works was inspired by and references Forty Hall’s very existence – a place built upon a textile legacy. What emerged for me was a certain dialogue, a notion that the fabric, had become the Hall’s symbol, forging itself a ‘material identity’, and presenting its own metaphor, which draws parallels with how I see the processes in my own work and practice, creating a new discourse where these two identities meet.“ - Cos Ahmet


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Points of Juncture: An Exhibition by Cos Ahmet
Published by Forty Hall Estate, London, 2018

68 pp book with 4pp perfect bound soft cover
350gsm matte laminated cover
170gsm Silk Inner pages
40 full colour illustrations
Photos: Yeshen Venema
Design: Gale + Hayes
Printed: Ex Why Zed

A full catalogue record of this publication is available from the British Library.
ISBN 978-1-5272-2134-5

'Points of Juncture' was commissioned by Forty Hall Estate and supported by Arts Council England